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Disambiguation :: A New Album :: available now on bandcamp

“Learn what is true in order to do what is right.”
-Thomas Henry Huxley

“Things are more beautiful when they’re obscure.”
-Veda Hille

Disambiguation is an album that lives in the space between these two quotes; between a path informed by clarity and the gauzy beauty of misperceptions, illusions and mistakes. It started out to be an ambient album and still is, but a few less-ambient elements crept in. They seemed to fit, so they stayed. Think of them as palate-cleansers.

It is also an album of hazy borders and full of sounds from a particular environment, somewhere over the hills. It seemed like it was time to stop and gather them all together, so here we are. Enjoy – Chris

The Music of Chris Stack

This site houses the more performance-oriented aspects of my creative work. If you’re looking for my synthesizer and electronic music production demo videos, look here [] . There’s a lot to see and hear. For now, this will showcase my (bandcamp) albums, music videos and other miscellaneous creative output.

Pastoral 1

An experiment with processed guitars and ambient textures. This became the song An Alternate October on Disambiguation.

The Krell Suite – In the news

My album The Krell Suite was inspired by one of Make Noise’s Patch of the Week videos, a demo of their 0-Coast version of that abstract electronic music staple, The Krell Patch.

Based on Louis and Bebe Barron’s ground-breaking soundtrack for the movie Forbidden Planet, a krell patch (usually) uses a modular analog synthesizer to create a self generating soundscape. I used only this patch and Eventide Anthology plug-ins to create the album.  [more on SynthExpert]