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ARTIFACT :: :: available now on bandcamp

While making my ExperimentalSynth electronic music production videos (and less formal Facebook and Instagram output) I’ve often come up with musical examples that I felt I could do a “little more” with. Some of this music may sound familiar if you have watched my videos. It’s made of odds and ends given a little more polish.

This started as a short album but I culled a couple pieces, so now it’s an EP. It’s a bit on the “quick and dirty” side but still the core of these pieces kept calling to me. Maybe there’s something there. I just needed to catapult this out into the world before I move on to the next album which will be more involved.

June 23, 2023 – I got such a great response to a couple of Jon Hassell influenced pieces I did right after this EP launched that I decided to add them as bonus tracks. – Enjoy!

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“Unto the furthest flood-brim look with me;
Then reach on with thy thought till it be drown’d.
Miles and miles distant though the last line be,
And though thy soul sail leagues and leagues beyond,—
Still, leagues beyond those leagues, there is more sea.”
~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti ~


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